Que s’est-il passé ?

What happened? Almost thirty years of life and living, my friend!

Between the taking of these two photos, RDA was the lead actor on a wildly successful TV show for seven years, starred in a half-dozen TV movies, starred in and produced a short-lived TV series, and was the lead actor and a producer on one of the longest-running sci-fi TV series for eight years. Between these two photos, RDA became a father, and for years he commuted between Los Angeles and Vancouver weekly in order to spend as much time as possible with his young daughter. He retired from acting, built a new home, and became a single dad to a teenage girl, all while continuing to travel the world and advocate for better environmental practices. He also dealt with a number of serious health issues—including painful surgeries, a blocked heart valve, forced inactivity, extended recoveries, medications that caused weight gain, and chronic back pain.

The photo on the left is a promo photo, which means it’s carefully posed and shot and there were people on hand to style hair and the lighting is flattering. Judging by the hair and the jacket, it was probably taken during season 2 of MacGyver, which was in 1986-87, when RDA was about 37 years old.

The photo on the right was taken this year, 2014, by a paparazzo as RDA left the grocery store. No posing, no fancy lighting, no makeup or hairstylists. No warning that he was about to have his photo taken at all, probably, in which case he looks pretty damn good.

The man in the photo on the right is 64 years old. He’s just as funny and irreverent and intelligent as he ever was, and almost certainly wiser. He doesn’t have to live by Hollywood’s bullshit standards anymore and is probably happier for it.

Look. It’s rude to comment on other people’s bodies, even if they’re famous, even if “they used to be hot!”, even if you used to fantasize about them. Please don’t reduce RDA, or anyone, to a mere body with an attractiveness expiration date by focusing on something as changeable as appearance.

Mmmmmmm Richard Dean Anderson mmmmmmmm